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Food Safety Involves Everybody in the Food

Keerat Hospitality

We are committed to provide quality and hygenic food product to our customers under Safe, Strict & Hygiene conditions with the team of qualified and trained professionals. With the FSMS (Food Safety Management System) quality criteria, through competitive & continuous Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point Study. We achieve production without the possibility of physical, chemical or microbiological food safety hazards in the system.

All our staff are given scheduled training and informed of relevant Food Safety infor-mation and are aware of their respective responsibilities. We follow strict SOP’s (Standard Operation Procedures) with control measures in all our operations starting from Purchasing, Receiving, Storing etc till we serve our food to our customers.

We conduct internal and external audits to ensure FSMS is properly followed thought our operations. If any NC (Non Conformance) found the details will be observed, a corrective action will be taken with root cause analysis and the extended area affected due to the non conformance will be considered. The corrective action report will be recorded and all the NC’s are closed with a target date.

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