College And Universities

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College And Universities

Feeding the needs of every student

This generation of students has a real love of food. So their expectations when dining on campus are naturally high. With meals catering for a wide range of tastes and nutritional needs, dining times fitting around busy schedules and convenient, affordable meal options, Keerat Hospitality Group gets that.

Managing university assets

First impressions count. A welcoming environment reflects well on your university and improves the quality of life for your students and faculty. By integrating cleaning, landscaping, and maintenance solutions, we help create campuses to be proud of.


Elevating the Student Experience

Campus life takes some adjusting to. It’s important that students feel at home from day one. Giving them access to modern amenities and involving activities makes a huge difference. Keerat Hospitality Group helps their university adventure get off to a great start.


Ensuring food safety

Preserving the highest standards of safety in the school dining hall is an absolute priority to ensure each and every child is offered the very best nutrition. Keerat Hospitality Group has the world’s largest team of nutritionists and trains its employees in food safety.


Nurturing nutritious student lifestyles

Nutrition is a hot topic in schools these days. People realise the huge difference a healthy diet can make to a schoolkid’s performance. We make sure that every child has access to healthy, balanced meals and understands the importance of good nutrition.

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