Is Ann Angel Anna Evdokimova? this really is widely used on numerous dating internet sites Ann that is using Angel.

Is Ann Angel Anna Evdokimova? this really is widely used on numerous dating internet sites Ann that is using Angel.

This is certainly commonly used on numerous dating internet sites Ann that is using Angel.

This isn’t Anna Evdokimona, as some anti-scam web web web sites state, it really is Ann Angel from years ago.

That is Ann Angel. It had been taken from her by another scammer.

A far more current picture of her from 2013.

Anna is all about 5’6″, takenn in Miami.

Another commonly taken image by scammers applied to dating web sites.

Anna as being a brunette inside her 20’s.

Anna Evdokimova is or had been a Russian porn star, she did one film. She in fact is striking and beautiful and this is why, she used to be a scammer, enticing guys to surrender their funds for a number of bogus reasons. She came to be might 12, 1982 in Cheboksary, Russia (Chuvashiya province). She most likely isn’t any longer living here.

A great many other scammers have actually stolen her pictures from online sources and post them on online dating services like Match and numerous others. There clearly was large amount of confusion about whether this Russian is Ann Angel. They will have comparable faculties, however they are different. Ms. Angel warns that numerous West African scam teams have actually stolen her pictures to make use of on United states dating internet sites. In one single situation, the website attracted over 50 guys after her, or thought these people were texting or emailing the lady within the picture. These were being scammed by some West African guy or woman in Ghana or Nigeria, without doubt. Anna is helpless in stopping it, but has techniques to inform if its scam.

Ann Angel and Anna Evdokimova won’t be the same. You can easily join Ms. Angel’s site for the cost. A number of the pictures employed by West African scammers are whenever she ended up being much more youthful therefore it could be difficult to inform if it had been her. She actually is around 30 now. Anna is applicable eye makeup within the manner that is same her color will alternate from brunette to blonde. Often times, you may wonder in cases where a more youthful picture of Ann inside her 20’s is by by herself today, time has an easy method of changing faces. This woman is probably the most victim that is common being a model, since age 18) of scammers whom steal her pictures. Ann Angel came to be in Warsaw, Poland, in June, 1985, and has now resided in america for approximately a decade

I’m sure from my own experience. We met somebody on At that time, I was thinking it absolutely was for real. As time continued in texting for days, the discussion increasingly centered on her significance of cash and rational explanations for this. Even though we first declined, the conversation proceeded but detoured far from cash, yet, within times, it could get back with a demand for this. That pattern proceeded for awhile. All of it became intimate etc.,but I might attempt to confirm statements etc., so when We became dubious, We “played” her for her reaction. In a short time, it had been mouse and cat, and in actual fact started such as a detective game. I allow her to play me but We additionally played her. Whenever she had not been chatting of income, the discussion had been really great. a good method to pass time, if absolutely nothing more. I debated the issue with her just to frustrate her when I did verify that information was false. several times, the individual on the other side end stated items that a man might or composed English differently than formerly. Perhaps my conversations on text had been with various individuals.

The funny thing is after months, we demanded a quick 10 2nd video clip and selfies. Once they arrived, it absolutely was clear the profile posted on Tastebuds, was NOT her. The scammer has taken Anna’s pictures and had delivered numerous in my experience. But truth prevailed, as the video and selfie could never be faked because Anna had not been here making it. The lady was really appealing from Ghana. Needless to say, it was done by her as a work. She had been never ever shopping for love and a relationship as she stated on Tastebuds. This scammer utilized every one of Ann Angel’s pictures, and a fake united states passport to persuade me personally she had been another individual. While she, by herself, ended up being pretty, it had been easy to understand it had been perhaps not Ann Angel. Ann Angel is just famous one of the scamming and industry that is soft-porn. Anyone away from this group, in addition to title will appear fake, like I was thinking until we Googled her. Also then, there appears to be other people with “official” Ann Angel web sites. The genuine Ann Angel internet site is well produced, slick. It is possible to join to explicit views for $30.

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UmbertoPMarocchi on March 20, 2015:

Okay, if U have relevant concerns, follow me on tw, so we are able to dm. I am just after you. Many Many Thanks

perrya (writer) on March 20, 2015:

Simply hoping to get it appropriate!

UmbertoPMarocchi on March 20, 2015:

Yes appears therefore! Therefore please do state it demonstrably that Anna E is a scammer. And plz don’t cutline a pic of Ann Angel Anna E. That is just a prevarication. The second pic just isn’t Anna E. but in addition Ann Angel in 2007! FYI pic 1-6 are from 2007, pic 7 2008, pic8 2009, pic9 2015 right. pic 10 2007. Thank you for changing the cutlines.

Possibly, however the picture of Anna ended up being advertised become Evdokimova. Possibly this is actually the supply of the confusion. However the Ann Angel is certainly not Anna E. This we know.

To simplify, most of the images you posted on listed here are images of Ann Angel. Please perform an extensive research for Anna Evdokimova and you’ll find another individual would you not really be much like Ann Angel. And I also simply said yesterday (why do you delete it?) Anna is residing in the united states since she ended up being 9 years old, which means she actually is living right right right here since twenty years! Sorry, but plz do Ur work correctly, you don’t know if you are writing about people. TY.

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